One of our new local events will be Mayhem @ the Motorplex!!! $10.00 Tech cards!!! Time to gather up your kids,friends, family, and neighbors to bring them out for an exciting night of Racing!

We’ll have a Jackpot race also!

4.90 Index $50. Entry+$500 by ACMP
6.50 Index $50. Entry+$500 by ACMP
7.00 Index $50. Entry+$500 by ACMP
Bracket race $25. Entry+$300 by ACMP for Street Cars only. Must be DOT, Tag, & Ins. Street legal. 100% Pay out plus ACMP Cash On Top!
Damn guys and gals! Let’s go racing!

Gates open at 6 pm
Please Tech before you come to lanes.
Tech is located at the Winners Circle
Track goes hot between 7 and 8 pm.

Jackpot Races;
Bracket Street race Lanes 1 & 2
Index 7.00 Lanes 3 & 4
Index 6.50 Lanes 5 & 6
Index 4.90 Lanes 8 & 9

We will be open for Test and Tune
TNT Lane 1 only!

Schedule subject to change.

10 & Under Free

Racing Specs:
Type: Heads Up & Bracket
Time: Visible
Tree: Bracket and Pro
Open To: Anyone

It’s BYOB. All Coolers and ice chests $10. Ea. As many and as big or small bring them all.

ATTENTION: ALL RACERS and DRIVERS IN THE PIT AREA! The SPEED LIMIT is 5 “FIVE” MPH! You’ll get 1 “ONE” warning. The 2nd time you’ll be escorted off the complex. The 3rd time you will be banned! We have small children in the pits as well as other spectators and racers that can be hurt if your speeding in the pits. You do not want that on your conscious. Thanks in advance for respecting the safety of others lives!