So You Want To Drag Race


Here at Alamo City Motorplex, we make it super simple to join the world of drag racing.  But before you can start, please check out our Beginning Guide to Drag Racing.  Then make sure your vehicle meets all of our requirements listed below and you have a good understanding of our rules.  Hope to see you on the track!


The Basics

  • All cars must pass tech inspection before being allowed on the track including but not limited to:
    • All slick tire cars must have an engine diaper. 
    • Batteries must be secured.
    • No broken wheel studs or missing lug nuts.
    • Vehicles must be mud free.
    • No fluid leaks.
    • All safety equipment must be functional and within date.
    • No worn out tires.
    • Must have at least one working tail light.
    • No antifreeze in race cars.
    • Any other item that may render the vehicle unsafe or not in compliance with IHRA rules found at .
  • All drivers must have helmets during roll race events.
  • No air conditioners, heaters, or defrosters allowed while on the property.
  • Courtesy staging is in effect.
  • Follow instructions of staff and track officials.
  • If you should experience a catastrophic failure while going down the track, as safely as possible, pull over to the side and wait for assistance.

Safety First

  • Helmet REQUIRED on any car running 13.99 seconds and faster.
  • Helmet MUST remain on entire length of the track.
  • Bikers must all wear a helmet, leather jacket, gloves, and shoes that that cover your ankles. 
  • 5 mile per hour speed limit in pits and return road.

Keep in Mind

  • Two turn offs at end of the track – left exits – please do not turn around or back up on track
  • Please do not begin your burn out or proceed to the starting line until you are instructed to by our crew.
  • No one under the age of 16 allowed to drive pit vehicles with the exception of our JR. Dragsters.
  • No more than one passenger
  • No passengers on any car running 13.99 seconds or faster.

Vehicle Requirements

  • No air conditioners or defrosters on if racing (condensation leaks onto the track and makes it unsafe)
  • All trucks must have bed free of any cargo or debris and tires must be clean of all rocks and mud
  • Please check for any leaks before entering lane to race.
  • Vehicle lights must be turned on at dusk during competition